AFTER listening to feedback from fans, Gateshead Football Club will be reintroducing its previous match ticket price structure at the International Stadium.

Crowd (Rob Chambers)
Crowd (Rob Chambers)

Last month, the club decided to launch an experimental trial and cut ticket prices to £10 for adults, £5 for students/under-18s and free for under-12s if accompanied by an adult.

This saw the removal of the £8 concessionary ticket with concessions now having to purchase a full adult ticket for £10.

After much deliberation, the club will now be reverting back to a price structure very similar to the one introduced at the start of the 2018/19 season.

These prices are as follows:

£15 – adult

£8 – concession (over 60 + members of the armed forces)

£5 – under-18/student (must have a valid student ID)

FREE – under-12 (must be accompanied by an adult)

Cut-price season tickets can also be bought here, under-16 tickets available for just £40:

Following the decision, Gateshead Operations Director Michael Williams said: “We would firstly like to apologise for the inconvenience caused by the changes to our ticketing system over the past month.

“I admit we got it wrong. The initial price change was a trial aimed at helping to attract more fans, however, in doing that, we overlooked our most loyal and long-serving fans, including season ticket holders.

“While there was no expectation that the cheaper prices would instantly attract more fans, we felt that over time the cheaper prices could potentially help our fan base grow.

“But in that admittedly shortsighted attempt, we removed concessionary prices and therefore risked alienating a large portion of our core fans.

“In the two home matches where we trialled the aforementioned prices, many fans raised valid points and concerns with the new ticketing system.

“Most of these concerns stemmed from the removal of the concession ticket which was quite often our most popular ticket on a matchday.

“While we will continue to explore new ways to help our fan base grow, we realise that we simply cannot continue to impose a ticketing price structure that doesn’t reciprocate the same loyalty to our core fans that they have continually shown to Gateshead Football Club over the years.

“Our next home game will reintroduce the £15 adult and £8 concession prices seen previously. Students and under-18s will remain at £5 as will the free entry for under-12s.

“The £3 under-16 matchday ticket is no longer available however we will continue to offer a cut-price season ticket for under-16s that offers fantastic value for money at less than £3 per match. It’s currently at just £40 for the entire season and can be bought online.

“All we can ask now is for everyone to get behind Steve Watson and the team like they have so far this season and continue to do the Heed Army proud!”