ALISHA Henry has been reappointed as general manager at Gateshead Football Club. 

Alisha Henry (right) with Gateshead FC joint-owner Trevor Clark (left)

Henry was dismissed from her role by former Gateshead owner Ranjan Varghese immediately after the conclusion of the 2018/19 campaign on 27 April. But following Neil Pinkerton and Trevor Clark’s takeover at the club last week, the Sherrif Hill native – who was instrumental in the takeover process – has been reinstated as general manager.

The former South Shields and Gateshead commercial manager was initially appointed as the Heed’s general manager in January 2019 following Mike Coulson’s resignation from the position.

Henry worked with representatives from the Gateshead Supporters’ Association in order to find a new buyer for the club after Varghese and financial advisor Joseph Cala put it up for sale back in March.

Various potential buyers were found but a sale failed to materialise until the 11th hour when Pinkerton took over alongside Trevor Clark at the end of May.

And having worked alongside Henry in order to complete the takeover successfully, the new owners were quick re-appoint the Gateshead general manager.

After her reinstatement, Henry told “I’m absolutely delighted to be officially back here at Gateshead.

“With all the hard work that’s been going on behind the scenes, it feels like I’ve never really left!

“It’s been a draining couple of months but we’ve finally got the club back and all the time and effort that’s gone into it has been worth it.

“Last week we got the news that we’d be competing in the National League North next season which was initially very disappointing to hear. But after having a few days to reflect, to keep Gateshead FC as a full-time professional club is the most important thing and probably one of the best results we could have hoped for given where we were at just a few weeks ago.

“I’d like to thank Gateshead Soul, Neil and Trevor for playing such a big part in saving Gateshead and allowing me to be general manager once again.

“I must also thank our former media manager Dom Scurr. He has been my best friend by my side throughout this process and I couldn’t have got through it all without him. Unfortunately, Dom won’t be returning alongside me in the same capacity as before as I would have liked but I hope he will continue to play an essential part in things moving forward.

“It’s important to realise that this is just the start and the hard work must continue as we will work together to make this a success.”